Her eyes are her camera lens and her heart is her work.

She sees beauty, love, details and other good visions, visualizes it in photograph and hopes to share it with others. She started taking picture in 2005. Since then, the camera is never far away from her. She is never more herself than when she is behind the camera.

Her passion in photography and the love of detail and food have brought her to specialize in product and food photography. She is open, collaborative and has a willingness to try new things, looking from something different and learn from them and from the other photographers. Expanding her portfolio in newborn and wedding sections is the result from her strong willingness to try new things.

All of her passion and her time she puts into her work are to satisfy others, besides herself, of course. For that reason, her photography journey knows no end, no limitation -no boundary, no termination point.

Do contact her to share one or two things you have with her. She would love to know you more!


Sing your own tune, your heart will hum.

See with your eyes, capture with your heart.

You’ll see something that you never seen before.